About Sessions


Using different tactics, I'll make you crave and want more yet never get it.


Dirty man is forced to learn how to be a slut and dress in women's clothing. i.e. Bra, panties, garters, thigh highs, high heels.


Fantasies I enjoy but are not limited to:

  1. School Teacher
  2. Naughty Student
  3. Interrogation and more


Be my human ashtray as I smoke a cigarette and ash it in your open mouth.


Busting balls using kicks and pressure.


Mistress Alana very much enjoys financial domination. Watching you wriggle and squirm before her with your wallet open is an experience she finds intensely erotic. If you would like to discover how fun this can be, send a $500 initial tribute as application and await further instructions. Bitcoin is the preferred payment option.

Upon receiving your tribute, we will discuss options in further detail via email.


  • Take Me shopping ($500 Minimum)
  • Pamper Me with a luxurious spa day
  • Buy Me a manicure and pedicure
  • Send Me Amazon gift cards
  • Pay for one of My beauty treatments
  • Tribute Me to go to lunch/dinner with one of my girlfriends

P.S.  Send me a pedicure tribute, and I will graciously personalize a video of my fresh pedicured feet exclusively for you, along with a private message for only your eyes to see. ($50 minimum)

Mistress Alana Aradia will create your personalized session tailored to your interests. Certain activities carry specific minimum time frames. Ask for more details. Sessions can take place in a variety of mutually agreed locations. While Dungeons and Hotels are the most common locations, sessions on board your yacht or during a flight on your private jet are also possible.

Prior to engagement, terms and conditions must be verbally discussed and agreed upon. Upon agreement, a 50% deposit to secure the booking with the full payment on the day of your session will take place. Also, be sure to book 24-48 hours in advance, as Mistress Alana commonly gets pre-booked. If you are asking for a same day session, a same day late fee will be deposited before said session.

Confirmation the morning of a pre-booked appointment is required. Failure to comply will result in a cancellation.

Mistress Alana Aradia is well versed in the art of seduction, sensual domination, and manipulation. Her prime focus is on the psychological and sensual aspect of BDSM. Enjoy the feeling of enraptured servitude as she weaves her web of ecstasy around you.

Craving to serve? Book with Mistress Alana now quick and easy. Limited slots available. Get booked while they last before everyone else.

Mistress Alana Aradia is a Dominatrix.  Services offered are strictly BDSM. Absolutely no sexual intercourse, hand jobs or oral sex. If it is brought up Mistress will not discuss it and you will forfeit any possibility of seeing her for a session. Mistress will not break the laws of the city or state she visits.

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The Mistress awaits your service. Bitcoin address is:



While you are in male chastity, we shall enjoy a lovely meal with discipline as desert. (3 hours minimum at $100 an hour at dinner, $300 an hour for a session.)


Whether through spanking, paddling, caning, and more, corporal punishment will  be administered sharply and swiftly.


Be restrained and tickled mercilessly.

  • OTK (Over The Knee Spanking)

The naughty boy will drape himself over my knee and receive a hand spanking, or paddling.


While restrained, flogging is administered with a cat-o-nine tail on the upper back, chest, & buttocks.


Using restraints such as ropes, cuffs, and other forms of bondage, subject will be rendered helpless.


Types of humiliation include: Physical, Verbal and Emotional i.e. Small Penis Humiliation.


The ultimate sacrifice. Complete submission. Available in a hotel or dungeon. (2 hour minimum in a hotel. 3 hour minimum in a dungeon. Specialty rate of $650 an hour applies.)


Worship My feet by suckling My toes and enjoy the taste.